Furnburg high quality wooden cots, beds, wardrobes and TV units

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furnburg wooden interior furniture’s cots, beds, wardrobes and tv units online

Buy beds online in India to save time and complexity at furnburg furniture’s for high quality service and best collections. So that more collection gives choice and design to make good selection. Furnburg furniture offer wide collections in bed furniture to make our customer to be happy. Beds gives best fell and relaxation. Beds are the main attraction in bedroom so select best design with furnburg furniture’s for the great service over India.


Rest is quite possibly the main pieces of our everyday life, except it’s a routine saturated with improvement and history. It’s additionally something we’re actually finding out going right up ’til the present time. With our comprehension of rest actually changing each year, there are steady new realities to be learnt. Since from 30+ year furnburg has been a mainstream decision for wooden inside plans like cots, beds, wardrobes and television unit. Individuals have loved both our wooden beds for its quality, comfort, and durability. On numerous occasions, they have been pleasantly shocked at the cost at which we have conveyed quality items. We have never settled on the quality and rather have sliced off mediators to guarantee everybody gets the best rest since we accept everyone deserves it. Furnburg beds are planned with neutral styling, which means they fit in to the environmental factors of any room be it contemporary or traditional. Also, the furnburg offers the choice of best design wooden beds in different various colors, style, permitting you to pick a bed that best suits your room design.

In the event that you have our bedside tables we can make the drawers 75cm wide as opposed to 90cm so the side table doesn’t block the cabinet. Our under-bed drawers are produced using birch compressed wood with a strong lumber front board, mounted on castors and refunded on the base edge so they pull out without any problem. The front board (and a side board whenever determined) is accessible in any of the lumbers we offer, including all pine stains. In the event that the drawers are to be situated at the foot of the bed, where the side of the crate would be visible, we can add a side board in your picked wood so the drawers mix in with the base instead of differentiation against it.


Material used for high quality furnburg beds

  1. Furnburg types of wood used in beds and wardrobe designs
  • Teak wood
  • Rubber wood
  • Ash wood
  • Burma wood
  • Oak wood
  • Hardwood
  1. Wood Finishing’s available with furnburg furniture
  • Wood finish
  • Membrane finish
  • P u pigmented finish
  • Acrylic finish
  1. Ply used for beds and wardrobe designs
  • BWK ply
  • BWP Ply
  • Commercial ply
  • Birch ply
  • HDF
  • MDF
  1. Furnburg beds are available in single color and double color with storage

Individuals are remaining at home more now a days and when they check out the room, they regularly notice that it can utilize some refreshing and fervor. The simplest method to add fascinating contacts and give new life to the bedroom is to get a particular complement piece. Highlight furniture can add the dramatization you want while filling a valuable need.


The range is clean and convenient and has an understated design aesthetic that adapts to any space. The material used in these cots is laminated from all sides to give it full protection from moisture and other external factors.

FURNBURG offers a wide range of furniture that is strong, durable, and tough. It comes from the house of chennakeshava furn industries, which is India’s largest furniture manufacturer. These products are made from particleboard and MDF Membrane finish technology with an ISO: 9001:2015, 14001:2015 approved quality standards. All our products go through stringent quality checks to provide you the best of best at the most durable prices.

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