Furnburg Sliding door wardrobe design for amazing bedroom design

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furnburg sliding door wardrobe design


The magnificence of bedroom isn’t just barely because of its enlivening and planning; wardrobe give a tasteful delight to the rooms. They give more region for putting away enormous and little things, for example, Clothes, Bed Sheets, Curtains, and so on in a coordinated way. These days, there are a ton of items that can be accessed on the market so that you can choose today’s storage rooms and have an elegant wardrobe plan with plenty of room. Wardrobe are really an idea that you can change in any capacity. They make your original pantry look more unusual and rich. There are several types of wardrobes depending on the number of appliances and doors you can choose for your bedroom. Sliding door wardrobe works best if the room isn’t open. They open by sliding the door over one another, thus not taking any additional space in the bedroom. In the event that you are considering sliding door, you can likewise consider including mirrors both the side as there are no handles in sliding door. Furnburg 2 and 3 door sliding wardrobe designs.


Furnburg 2 Door sliding Wardrobe


The two-door sliding wardrobe is the one with two sliding door on the two sides. It has many racks and drawers for putting holders, cloths, and different adornments, for example, wallets and belts. It looks sleek from outside and likewise from inside it has everything set in a tasteful way. Subsequently, you have a ton of bedroom to organize things appropriately with less space of room. In the event that you need probably the best brand for sliding door wardrobe, pick furnburg 2 door sliding wardrobe.

Furnburg 3 Door sliding wardrobe


The three door wardrobe will accommodate all her clothes and other essentials as well. It is of the perfect size and has rails for hanging clothes too. The two pull-out drawers allow easy organizing and the wardrobe has adjustable shelves to facilitate arrangement as per your choice. You can wipe clean the wardrobe for upkeep.

Picture 3

Furnburg Sliding door wardrobe features

  • With a delicately intimate arrangement, the door can be opened and quietly closed without those sounds.
  • It is easy to open the door with negligible initial opposition. Thus, a subtle push is necessary to open your wardrobe.
  • The padded end stops and installs the door so the door stays in its place unless you move or close them again.
  • The door can be locked with simple push locks.
  • With products like pull-out shelves and garment lifts, it is easy and simple to reach your clothes and accessories, so wearing or changing them doesn’t seem like much of a chore.
  • With clever cabinet arrangements, you can undoubtedly amplify and utilize every last bit of your storage space.
  • Push to Open makes the opening of handless drawers more helpful and simple.
  • Delicate opening and closing systems give significantly more accommodation and peace.
  • With an expansive scope of discretionary materials, shapes, and sizes, items
  • two pushes, you can immediately see the whole substance of your closet and get quick admittance to everything by introducing push entryways
  • The Performance of each item stays unaltered even after a drawn out time of utilization.


This is a kind of wardrobe you can make on top of the wardrobe outline in your bedroom. It devours less space and gives you more stockpiling for different things, for example, books, sacks and other essential articles. When you’ve recently started to find mature love for your wardrobe, chances are acceptable that you may think that it’s hard to choose that ideal wardrobe which is high on design, adaptability and less cost.


Furnburg gives all these modern wardrobe designs with low impact price with free delivery. The bedroom has many options for attractive wardrobe design, but its material, color and style are essential to mix with the rest of your bedroom interior. Furnburg helps you to reach your dream to come true with effective guidelines contact https://furnburg.com/wardrobe/ or +91 9900545761 for exiting offers.

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